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We supply most brands of dog food.  We recommend  premium dog foods as they are generally made with better quality ingredients.  The main criteria in all foods is how much is actually digested by the dog.  Cheaper feeds may have the same analysis, for example crude protein may be 30% in 2 different feeds but the digestibility will be different.  The cheaper dog food may contain protein from indigestible ingredients like horn or hair and it will test to 30% crude protein, however your dog will not be able to digest all this protein, making it wasteful.  A good test is try your dog on a premium dog food for a week.  As it is generally more digestible you will pick up less droppings and your dog will look and feel better.

We stock Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Hills Science Diet, Iams and Pal Advance to name a few.

If your dog is large, small, fat or thin we have a dog food made specially for your dog.  In fact many dogs are overweight and there is special food made for them with less energy, but adequate vitamins and minerals to ensure they loose weight without compromising their health.  A recent study has found that thin dogs live on average 3 years longer than obese dogs, as well as having less mobility problems as there isn't as much weight to jar joints.  If you are not sure if your dog is overweight bring him or her around for a free weigh in and appraisal on our dog scales.

There is also breed specific food so if you own a German Shepherd, Labrador/Retriever, Shih tzu, Boxer or Yorkshire terrier,  there is special food made for these breeds.  We have more information on these and all other feeds.



Royal Canin

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